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Upcoming Plymouth Rock Creative Projects


With over 150 titles in our library, Plymouth Rock Creative is continuously creating and developing new material for various platforms, including publishing (comics/graphic novels), film, television, and the Web.  Below is a breakdown of a small sampling of our upcoming releases.

Billy Bloodhound: Nose 4 Hire

A serialized crime caper featuring a canine private investigator with a strong nose for justice and the seemingly endless supply of quirky cases that affect the world's many animal inhabitants.

The Dragon Who Found His Fire


Filled with beautiful and imaginative artwork, The Dragon Who Found His Fire is about a young dragon who rediscovers his lost flame.

Monkey Business

A uniquely twisted take on the private investigator genre where the gumshoe in question, paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, relies heavily on a short-tempered helper monkey named Clovis.

King's Gambit

A group of precocious preteens, all members of their school’s chess club, find themselves wrapped up in a centuries old battle when game pieces from an ancient chessboard come to life.  Jumanji meets Monster Squad.


In any given hive, 20,000 to 60,000 bees swarm, going about their daily lives.  In this particular hive, there are just as many bees, but the difference is, none of them are alive!


ZOMBEES follows the daily antics of a group of undead bees and the hilarious (and gory) comedy that ensues.

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